Alison Bauld

Born in Sydney, Australia in 1944 Alison Bauld came to England in 1969 to study with Elisabeth Lutyens and Hans Keller, and in 1974 obtained a Doctorate in Composition from the University of York.

She was a finalist in the 1973 Radcliffe Competition with One Pearl for string quartet and voice, which also won her a place at the Paris Rostrum. Several of her BBC commissions explore quadraphonic radio effects (Van Diemen’s Land for a cappella voices), multi-track techniques, and mixing sound effects with orchestra, singers and actors. In 1974 a Gulbenkian Award allowed her to work with the Rambert Dance Company, The Royal Ballet, Scottish Workshop and the London Contemporary Dance Company. In 1975, she became Music Director of the Laban Centre for Dance, Goldsmiths’ College, London University. She is also active as a teacher and writer.


Published by Gonzaga

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