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Airs and Dances

arr. John BloodGZ118
Oboe and Piano | Grades 1–4 technical level | Duration: 13 minutes

A collection of twelve Renaissance and Baroque pieces, skilfully chosen and arranged to introduce oboists to some delightful and captivating lesser known works alongside several firm favourites. Especial care has been taken to provide piano parts that are eminently playable.

  • Minuett  Daniel Purcell
  • The Keel Row
  • Tomorrow the fox will come to town  Thomas Ravenscroft
  • Love me or not  Thomas Campion
  • Giga  Samuel Arnold
  • Choral  J.S.Bach
  • Siciliana  Samuel Arnold
  • Saraband  William Croft
  • Prelude  Johann C.F.Fischer
  • Air  Henry Purcell
  • Ballet  Christoph W.Gluck
  • Gavotte  J.S.Bach

Chosen by the Associated Board for their current Woodwind syllabus:

Grade 1  The Keel Row

Grade 2  Saraband (Croft)

Grade 3  Gavotte (Bach)

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Aspects of Paradise

Giles SwayneGZ055
Flute and Piano | Grades 6–7 technical level | Duration: 9 minutes

Four pieces offering a melodious and flautistical view of the Adam and Eve story. Swayne’s mastery of the flute, familiar from HAVOC, Winter Solstice Carol, and the virtuoso Canto for flute (all published by Novello) is here put to excellent use for budding young players. These pieces, which introduce the player to such things as flutter–tonguing and harmonics, have been edited for the flute by renowned flautist Philippa Davies, to whom they are dedicated.

Paradise cover for Website

  • The Gardener of Eden
  • Adam and Eve and Pinch–me
  • Paradise Stomp
  • Forbidden Flute

“Giles brings to these delightful pieces a great understanding of the instrument and a wonderfully fresh approach. Although making demands on the player, he adds that particular quality of fun which is always present in his music. They are little gems, which everyone will enjoy as much as I have.”
Philippa Davies

“. . . challenges of metre and simple extended techniques within a highly enjoyable and accessible idiom.”
Music Teacher

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Knautical Knots

John BloodGZ053
Clarinet and Piano | Grades 2-3 technical level | Duration: 11 minutes

Eight seafaring pieces for clarinet which play on the names of knots and hitches (real and invented) to create a sparkling variety of mood and character which will stimulate the musicianship and technical skill of the aspiring clarinettist.

No 1 The Fisherman’s Bend: Hornpipe  ABRSM Grade 2 Syllabus 2021-2026


  • THE JSB SHEEPSHANK: Knotty Invention
  • CZERNY’S HITCH: Perpetuum mobile
  • CABIN–BOY’S BOWLINE: Midnight prayer
  • MERRY MACKEREL TURN: Valse burlesque

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John BloodGZ052
Flute and Piano | Grades 1-2 technical level | Duration: 11 minutes

Eight wry and witty pieces for flute which, while putting the young player through a series of useful technical and musical challenges, bid an impudent farewell to the craze for fast food. Flute part edited by Philippa Davies.

  • THE ROYAL DELUXE: Regal procession
  • HAGGIS HALF–POUNDER: Midnight revel
  • THE MINI MINI–BURGER: Fast food scherzo
  • THE WESTMINSTER SPECIAL: Thames nocturne
  • CRUNCHY COCKROACH: Scuttle dance
  • CHEF’S WHOPPER: Knees–up

“This book contains eight lively, entertaining pieces for students of Grade 1 to 2 standard. The titles are brilliant: Haggis Half–Pounder, Kangaroo Quarter–Bounder, Crunchy Cockroach, Chef ’s Whopper and so on. The music is great fun, with interesting piano parts to match.”

Music Teacher

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Spring Sonatina

John BloodGZ025
Oboe and Piano | Grades 6-7 technical level | Duration: 7 minutes

Three contrasting movements: a vigorous Allegro deciso, a lyrical Andante espressivo containing a passionate central section, and a rustic Vivace e giocoso dance for the finale. Written in 1983, and dedicated to Tina Cumming, it is frequently used by students as an end–of–term concert piece.


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