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Vegetable Fiesta

John BloodGZ054
Piano | Grade 1 technical level | Duration: 9½ minutes

Ten pieces depicting a basket of fresh and varied vegetables, including a downcast cabbage, an elegant French bean out for a Sunday stroll, two chirpy Spanish onions, and an exploding turnip. This rewarding and picturesque collection forms an excellent introduction to the same composer’s Stamp–album GZ 002.

Along with the composer’s Stamp-Album, Vegetable Fiesta was chosen as a set work and performed at the 2012 Contemporary Keyboard Weekend at the Conservatoire Frédéric Chopin, Paris.


  • THE MIGHTY CARROT: Stomp dance
  • VERY SAD PETITS POIS: Doleful dance
  • THE RUNNER BEAN: Early morning jog
  • HAPPY SPANISH ONIONS: Holiday fiesta
  • THE LONELY CABBAGE: Green lament
  • THE FRENCH BEAN: Sunday promenade
  • PERKY PARSNIPS: A jaunty jape
  • THE EXPLODING TURNIP: A sorry scene

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Macbeth: Descriptive drama for harpsichord

John BloodGZ075
Harpsichord | Grades 6–8 technical level | Duration: 23 minutes

An instrumental drama which portrays the events, settings and characters of the Shakespeare play. In ten contrasted pieces which skilfully exploit the harpsichord’s varied registers, we hear Macbeth’s encounter with the witches, his dark broodings, and Lady Macbeth’s wily powers of persuasion – an increasingly manic Valse diabolique. The growing mayhem eventually leads to the appearance of Banquo’s ghost, and Macbeth’s defeat at the hands of Macduff. Vivid, spooky and exciting.

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Ten Terrible Tunes

Giles SwayneGZ058
Piano | Grade 2-4 technical level

Ten contrasting pieces which encourage the young pianist to express moods and characters of many kinds. Although technically easier they are similar in approach to the same composer’s Scrap–book GZ 001. The sixth piece, Whistling Tune, is included in Spectrum 4, an international collection of miniatures for piano, compiled by Thalia Myers and published by the Associated Board under licence from Gonzaga Music.

Ten Terrible Tunes was a set work performed at the 2012 Contemporary Keyboard Weekend at the Conservatoire Frédéric Chopin, Paris

  • Catchy Tune
  • Silly Tune
  • Scary Tune
  • Ring Tune
  • Posh Tune
  • Whistling Tune
  • Pop Tune
  • Hymn Tune
  • Sleepy Tune
  • Cheeky Tune

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John BloodGZ004
Piano | Grades 6-7 technical level | Duration: 6½ minutes

In three eminently playable movements: a zappy Allegro, a haunting Arioso, and a refreshingly exuberant Vivace. First performed on 19th June 1980 by John Blood in a recital for the British Music Society at Chelsea College, London.



“This is my first sighting of the Gonzaga Teaching Series, a collection whose ‘teaching as entertainment’ philosophy is underlined by companion titles advertised on the back cover (Ten Terrible Tunes, Vegetable Fiesta, and so on, reviewed in recent issues of MT). This Sonatina by John Blood (series co–composer with Giles Swayne) is equally diverting, being succinct (its three movements take just five–and–a–half minutes) and witty, testing out your interpretative skills in an idiom between, say, Kabalevsky and the Hindemith of the second sonata.. Pitched at Grades 6–7, it is effectively written and easier than it sounds (its stretches of a tenth may be circumvented) – with bitonal moments ready to tease any nervous grannies within earshot. It has waited a long time for publication since its premiere (1980), and I highly recommend it.”
Music Teacher

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