Cobalt Sonata

John BloodGZ 146
Violin and Piano | Duration: 21 minutes

John Blood’s friendship with Michael Alexander, for whom this sonata was written, dates back to their music making in Secondary School and later, when they were both students, at the Royal Academy of Music. Michael was leader of the second violins in the Ulster Orchestra for many years and is still one of their principle players.

The sonata reflects the personal idiosyncrasies and memories, likes and dislikes, of such a long and rewarding friendship. The first movement is on a large scale, full of shifting moods and with an unsettling sense of urgency. This is followed by a deeply felt slow movement and the sonata finishes with an Armageddon Galop that has, amongst other things, idiotic Christian soldiers vying with Beethoven’s Prometheus as the human race dances gleefully towards its oblivion!

Web cover GZ 146

  • I Animato
  • II In memoriam
  • III Armageddon Galop

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