Elegy for a wicked world

Giles SwayneGZ051
Flute, Percussion (1 player), Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass | Duration: 13 minutes

Commissioned by the 2005 Yoxford Festival. First performed at St. Peter’s Church, Yoxford, Suffolk on 26th August 2005 by Anna Noakes, Gary Kettel, Jackie Shave, Clare Finnimore, Caroline Dearnley and Mary Scully. Swayne’s first instrumental chamber work for several years, this piece uses contrasted 8–note modes to create maximum diversity within an audible harmonic unity, and consists of a single sonata–form movement, framed by an introduction and coda which are dominated by the thudding of funeral drums. Written in the shadow of the London bombings of July 2005, it mourns the death of sanity and tolerance in world affairs.

  Score and parts

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