Six early songs

Giles SwayneGZ040
Tenor and Piano | Duration: 20 minutes

Written in 1965 and first performed that year by Peter Birts (tenor) and Giles Swayne (piano) at Trinity College, Cambridge.A youthful work, pulsating with adolescent sexual longing.

  • Prologue (piano solo)
  • 1. ’Tis true, ’tis day (Donne)
  • 2. Persuasions to enjoy (Carewe)
  • 3. Take, O take those lips away (Shakespeare)
  • 4. So we’ll go no more a–roving (Byron)
  • 5. When I have seen by Time’s fell hand (Shakespeare)
  • 6. Echo’s lament to Narcissus (Ben Jonson)

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