John BloodGZ002
Piano | Grades 2–4 technical level | Duration: 12 minutes

12 pieces for children of all ages. Each piece is a musical picture inspired by postage stamps (and a pillar box) from various countries around the world. Commissioned by Gonzaga Music to celebrate the company’s formation in 2002. First performed by Giles Swayne on 9th November 2003, in a recital at Abbey Road Concerts, London.

Stamp–album was chosen as a set book by the 2006 Glasgow Music Festival.

Along with the composer’s Vegetable Fiesta GZ 054, Stamp-Album was a set work performed at the 2012 Contemporary Keyboard Weekend at the Conservatoire Frédéric Chopin, Paris

  • ICELAND: Snow dance
  • SUDAN: Desert caravan
  • AUSTRIA: Wonky Waltz
  • LUNDY: Sea mists
  • UKRAINE: Rustic wedding
  • GREECE: The Acropolis
  • LILLIPUT: First day cover
  • AUSTRALIA: The lyre–bird
  • MEXICO: Jumping beans
  • RUSSIA: Bolshoi drama
  • GREAT BRITAIN: Hurrah! Mr. Trollope invents the Pillar–box
  • SICILY: Tarantella mafiosa

“Hugely rewarding and original”
Piano Professional
“Truly original. . . . highly recommended.”

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