Sonata for Cello & piano

Giles SwayneGZ060
Cello & Piano | Duration: 29 minutes

First performed by Robert Irvine and Fali Pavri in July 2006 at the Cheltenham Festival, this major work (the first by Swayne for this combination of instruments since 1970) was commissioned by Beryl Calver–Jones and Gerry Mattock, to whom it is dedicated. It is marked by a return to classical principles and structures, and by the systematic use of contrasting eight–note modes. An important new addition to the cello repertoire.

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“One of the many satisfying aspects of Giles Swayne’s cello sonata . . . was its ability to enrich and renew the tradition . . . a tremendous Brahmsian sweep that carried the listener along through skilfully fashioned paragraphs . . . compelling musical argument . . . convincingly encompasses both serious matters and unforced playfulness in an original, authentic voice. It was the pick of the premieres . . . at the 2006 Cheltenham Festival . . . deserves to be heard again and often.”

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Paul Conway, Tempo, Jan. 2007

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Giles SwayneGZ069
Cello and piano | Grades 2-4 technical level

Seven light-hearted but carefully written pieces (arranged by the composer from the version for viola) which offer a wide range of colour, character and technique in these portrait-studies of creeping and crawling creatures.

  • The ingenious Spider
  • The elegant Snail
  • The obliging Worm
  • The workaholic Ant
  • The mysterious Woodlouse
  • The savage Centipede
  • The insatiable Caterpillar

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Toccata for solo violin

John BloodGZ070
Violin | Duration: 5 minutes

Commissioned by Michael Alexander and first performed by him on 10th March 2007 in All Saints Church, East Budleigh, Devon. A lively piece full of theatrical effects, and flamboyant almost to the point of flashiness, it sounds much harder to play than it really is, and is well within a Grade 8 technique. The perfect choice for a recital encore.

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Suite no.1 for solo cello

Giles SwayneGZ074
Cello | Duration: 14 minutes

Commissioned by Gerry Mattock and Beryl Calver–Jones for the Scottish cellist Robert Irvine, this piece, a conscious homage to the cello suites of Bach, was written in May 2007 during a holiday on the Ionian island of Paxos, and radiates the sunlit atmosphere of Greece. It was recorded less than a month later for a Delphian Records CD of Swayne’s cello music which will appear in 2008.

  • Prologos
  • Choros I
  • Choros II
  • Serenata
  • Strophe
  • Antistrophe
  • Choros III

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The Yeomen of the Guard Overture

Sullivan, arr. John BloodGZ076
String Octet (4 violins, 2 violas, 2 cellos) | Duration: 5 minutes

A brilliant solution to the conundrum which arises whenever string players gather to play the Mendelssohn Octet: What else can we play? Arthur Sullivan’s sparkling overture lends itself with uncanny ease to this combination of players, and each part happily weaves in and out of the ever–changing contrapuntal textures of this witty curtain–raiser.

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