The Sleeping Beauty Act II No.15 Pas d’Action (Scène d’Aurore de Désiré)

Tchaikovsky arr. John BloodGZ 149
Cello and Piano

This is an arrangement for cello and piano of the beautiful and passionate Pas d’Action for solo cello from the second act of Tchaikovsky’s ballet, The Sleeping Beauty. Unfortunately, in the ballet, this number segues into the next dance without having a real conclusion but this arrangement finds a satisfying solution by recourse to the slow movement of the composer’s fifth symphony, written at the same time as the ballet, and with which this piece bears more than a passing similarity.

Web cover GZ 149

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Toil and trouble

Giles SwayneGZ056
Double-bass and piano | Grade 8-Diploma technical level | Duration: 8 minutes

Two contrasted concert pieces.

Underground is unaccompanied and dark in character; Perpetual motion, which has a piano accompaniment, is like a jerky Heath Robinson machine. Both pieces exploit the sonorities and possibilities of the double bass in an adventurous and exciting way.


  • Underground
  • Perpetual motion

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Giles SwayneGZ057
Viola and Piano | Grades 2-4 technical level

Seven pieces which exploit the viola’s wide range of colour and character in portrait–studies of crawling creatures in all their fascinating variety.

  • The ingenious Spider
  • The elegant Snail
  • The obliging Worm
  • The workaholic Ant
  • The mysterious Woodlouse
  • The savage Centipede
  • The insatiable Caterpillar

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