Nine Miniatures

Sanja Milutinović-GudurićGZ073
Guitar | Grades 4-6 technical level

Sanja Milutinović-Gudurić is a guitarist who performs in Macedonia, Belarus and Bulgaria, as well as her native Serbia. She teaches the guitar at Zrenjanin Music School in Novi Sad, Serbia, and has composed many pieces for teaching and concert use. These pieces are tuneful and nostalgic without being sentimental, and beautifully written for the guitar. They make excellent recital pieces, as well as being ideal for students. The last two pieces are scored for two guitars.

  • Xena
  • A leaf in the wind
  • The sad clown
  • Bedtime story
  • Dancing doll
  • Prelude for Marija
  • Slavonic folk-dance
  • Portrait of my mother
  • Cherries

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Strumming: a serenade for guitar

Giles SwayneGZ121
Guitar | Duration: 10 minutes

Strumming is a passacaglia with seven variations. of which the last five become the Serenade of the subtitle. This is subverted by four banjo-like interruptions, and the piece closes with a reprise of the passacaglia theme. Commissioned by the Tunbridge Wells International Music Festival, with funds provided by Gerry Mattock and Beryl Calver-Jones, Strumming was premiered by Craig Ogden on October 20th 2012 at the church of St. John the Baptist, Penshurst.


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