Nine Miniatures

Sanja Milutinović-GudurićGZ073
Guitar | Grades 4-6 technical level

Sanja Milutinović-Gudurić is a guitarist who performs in Macedonia, Belarus and Bulgaria, as well as her native Serbia. She teaches the guitar at Zrenjanin Music School in Novi Sad, Serbia, and has composed many pieces for teaching and concert use. These pieces are tuneful and nostalgic without being sentimental, and beautifully written for the guitar. They make excellent recital pieces, as well as being ideal for students. The last two pieces are scored for two guitars.

  • Xena
  • A leaf in the wind
  • The sad clown
  • Bedtime story
  • Dancing doll
  • Prelude for Marija
  • Slavonic folk-dance
  • Portrait of my mother
  • Cherries

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Macbeth: Descriptive drama for harpsichord

John BloodGZ075
Harpsichord | Grades 6–8 technical level | Duration: 23 minutes

An instrumental drama which portrays the events, settings and characters of the Shakespeare play. In ten contrasted pieces which skilfully exploit the harpsichord’s varied registers, we hear Macbeth’s encounter with the witches, his dark broodings, and Lady Macbeth’s wily powers of persuasion – an increasingly manic Valse diabolique. The growing mayhem eventually leads to the appearance of Banquo’s ghost, and Macbeth’s defeat at the hands of Macduff. Vivid, spooky and exciting.

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Giles SwayneGZ094
Trumpet and piano | Grades 7-8 technical level | Duration: 4 minutes

Dreamsong is the second movement of Sangre viva (GZ 015). The mood is derived from a poem by Federico Garcia Lorca called Sueño – a poem about time, eternity and oblivion:

My heart rests by the cool fountain.
(fill it with your threads,
Spider of oblivion)

Dreamsong is published independently of its parent work because on its own it is highly suitable for recital programmes and for teaching purposes.

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Eight Galactic Marches

John BloodGZ095
Cello and piano | Grades 1-3 technical level | Duration: 18 minutes

All manner of astral bodies are visited in this wide-ranging voyage through space. Each piece is in the form of a march, but the eight marches have very different characters, ranging from the chirpy confidence of A frisky asteroid to the funeral lament of The dying star. This composer being an accomplished cellist, these pieces show an intimate understanding of the problems and possibilities of the instrument at this level.

  • A frisky asteroid
  • The lonely planet
  • The eight moons of Neptune
  • Orion’s Nebula
  • Helios Hyperion – The jolly sun god
  • Cygmus X-26 – The laughing satellites
  • Giant black hole
  • The dying star

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