From a railway carriage

John BloodGZ021
Tenor and Piano | Duration: 10 minutes

Commissioned by the British Music Society. 1st performed 23rd Feb. 1980 by Edwin Rolles (tenor) and John Blood (piano) at Goldsmiths’ College, London. A delightful sequence of songs vividly evoking the joys and sorrows of railway travel. GZ022 is an arrangement of the same work for tenor, piano and wind quintet.

  • The Locomotive (Alexander Anderson)
  • Faintheart in a railway train (Thomas Hardy)
  • Journey by train (W. E. Henley)
  • Adlestrop (Edward Thomas)
  • From a railway carriage (R. L. Stevenson)

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Six early songs

Giles SwayneGZ040
Tenor and Piano | Duration: 20 minutes

Written in 1965 and first performed that year by Peter Birts (tenor) and Giles Swayne (piano) at Trinity College, Cambridge.A youthful work, pulsating with adolescent sexual longing.

  • Prologue (piano solo)
  • 1. ’Tis true, ’tis day (Donne)
  • 2. Persuasions to enjoy (Carewe)
  • 3. Take, O take those lips away (Shakespeare)
  • 4. So we’ll go no more a–roving (Byron)
  • 5. When I have seen by Time’s fell hand (Shakespeare)
  • 6. Echo’s lament to Narcissus (Ben Jonson)

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Giles SwayneGZ050
Mezzo–soprano and String Quartet | Duration: 5 minutes

First performed at St. Michael and All Angels Church, Barton Turf, Norfolk, on 18th June 2005 by Ruth Peel and the Solstice Quartet. Words traditional and by the composer. A tender and witty celebration of the marriage vows, ideal for a musical wedding.

Vocal score, miniature study score and (4) parts

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The joys of Travel

Giles SwayneGZ086
High voice and piano

Commissioned by tenor Benjamin Hulett in 2009 for his recital CD Departures, which appeared in November 2010. Pointed and lyrical settings of three ironic poems by the Giles Swayne about the effects of mass tourism on communities, and the seductive horrors of low-cost flights and package holidays.

  • Departures
  • In-flight entertainment
  • Arrivals

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