O my dear heart

Giles SwayneGZ079a
Alto solo | SATB | Harp | Duration: 2½ minutes

Commissioned by James Bowman, and first performed in the original version with lute (GZ079) on 14th December 2008 at the Queen’s Chapel, St James’ Palace by James Bowman, Dorothy Linell (lute) and the choir of Her Majesty’s Chapel Royal conducted by Andrew Gant. This version with harp was made in 2011, also for the choir of Her Majesty’s Chapel Royal.

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John BloodGZ102
Cello and piano | Duration: 20 minutes

Composed for cellist Nicolas Robinson, who persuaded the composer to visit Dungeness. The resulting piece, a cello sonata in all but name, portrays the sounds and colours of this amazing landscape. The rich textures abound in nautical reels and shanties, and the piece ends with a Presto agitato movement depicting the whirring turbines of the nuclear power station. The first performance was given by Nicolas Robinson (cello) and  John Blood (piano) on 10th October 2010, as part of Art in Romney Marsh 2010. A highly rewarding concert piece.

  • Dark skies
  • Spring tide
  • Grey afternoon
  • Turbines

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String quartet no. 4

Giles SwayneGZ100
2 violins, viola, cello | Duration: 30 minutes

Commissioned by Gerry Mattock and Beryl Calver-Jones, Clare College Cambridge, the Fidelio Charitable Trust,  the Garrick Charitable Trust and the Cambridge Music Festival. First performed by the Solstice Quartet on 16th November 2009 at West Road Concert Hall, Cambridge, as part of the Cambridge Music Festival.  A journey through the cycle of the year, this quartet is cast in four movements which correspond to the four seasons.

  • Underground
  • Perpetual motion

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Toil and trouble

Giles SwayneGZ056
Double-bass and piano | Grade 8-Diploma technical level | Duration: 8 minutes

Two contrasted concert pieces.

Underground is unaccompanied and dark in character; Perpetual motion, which has a piano accompaniment, is like a jerky Heath Robinson machine. Both pieces exploit the sonorities and possibilities of the double bass in an adventurous and exciting way.


  • Underground
  • Perpetual motion

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Eight Galactic Marches

John BloodGZ095
Cello and piano | Grades 1-3 technical level | Duration: 18 minutes

All manner of astral bodies are visited in this wide-ranging voyage through space. Each piece is in the form of a march, but the eight marches have very different characters, ranging from the chirpy confidence of A frisky asteroid to the funeral lament of The dying star. This composer being an accomplished cellist, these pieces show an intimate understanding of the problems and possibilities of the instrument at this level.

  • A frisky asteroid
  • The lonely planet
  • The eight moons of Neptune
  • Orion’s Nebula
  • Helios Hyperion – The jolly sun god
  • Cygmus X-26 – The laughing satellites
  • Giant black hole
  • The dying star

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